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Golf Challenge Rules

Matches can be played on any course, provided that there is ready agreement between the pairs concerned. If there is no ready agreement then the match to be played at Yeovil Golf Club.

Matches should be arranged well in advance and ideally the exact time confirmed on the day when the arranging pair have booked a tee time. Matches can be re-arranged by agreement – but if the same pair requires a re-arrangement more than once for the same match, then the other pair shall have the right to claim a victory.

If you cancel your fixture less than 48 before your tee time, or if you fail to turn up for your match, you will forfeit the match and the points will be awarded to your opponents. The only caveat to that is if you opponents want to re-arrange.

Matches to be played Monday to Friday, sunrise to sunset, and preferably starting during business hours.

Matches to be played ‘two ball-better ball’ match play. The Council of National Golfing Unions have increased the standard ball/betterball handicap allowance from 75% to 90%. We suggest that it makes sense to use the new 90% rule unless both teams agree to use the old basis before they tee off. If you unable to reach an agreement, then the new rules will apply. Note the margin of victory (e.g. 4 and 3); this may be important. Players will adopt their handicaps on the list of entrants (max 24 gentlemen and 34 ladies) or any amendments during the season.

Each pair will initially play all other pairs in the same group. These matches will start as soon as possible and must be completed by the end of July.

The first name in the pair will be the contact. Each pair to contact the two pairs below them or if you are at the bottom of the group start again at the top.

Scoring will be: Win 2 Points Match Halved 1 Point Loss 0 Points

The points winners of each group will go into a knockout with any ties being in favour of the pair whose aggregates of winning margins for matches won is the highest. Therefore, when reporting scores, it is important that the actual result (e.g. won by 4 and 3) is given. If there is still a tie, there will be a tie break.

The winners will report the scores to Milsted Langdon as soon after each match as is reasonable.

The knockout rounds will be played on the same basis.

Any disputes will be settled by rules of fair play, rules of golf, or the promise of a good introduction, but Milsted Langdon’s decision will be final!